About Us

Quality Is the Best Recipe
We Love What We Do

Shepherd's Bakery started in Chieveley in 1898 offering a door-to-door delivery service. Since then many things have changed but Shepherd's has remained a constant in the village, although now a much bigger business than it was then. So it is with pride that Shepherd's returns to its roots 110 years later by once again delivering bread door-to-door.

We are a heritage bakery that uses traditional baking methods.

Baking was always our ambition and after my work experience with Andrew Shepherd, then owner of Shepherd’s Bakery, I went on to work at the bakery at weekends and school holidays. After leaving school I went full time there, moving up the ranks to bakery manager. In 1999 we had the opportunity to buy the business.

“Although the types of customers may change, our process and traditional method of baking remain largely the same. I love being able to introduce our gorgeous bread and rolls to new customers who are always amazed and excited by the taste and smell of ‘real bread’, and how well it keeps.”

Keep It Simple

Most of our bread and roll products are clean label. Just flour, water, salt, yeast.

Authentic Tradition

Handcraft + Passion + Time

Our Philosophy

Local Ingredients

We start baking before dawn each day using locally sourced ingredients, including our flour which is milled in Wantage just 9 miles away from the bakery, with wheat sourced from UK farms often in the south Oxfordshire area. 

Each loaf is gently crafted by hand in our bakery. You won’t find additives, improvers or stabilisers in any of our breads, just simple high-quality ingredients brought together using traditional methods.

Experience real taste.

For the best “every day “loaf made with full fermentation methods and only key ingredients nothing more.

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